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Creative DIY Clothing Tips: You Can Try at Home During Quarantine

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Creative fashionistas and influencers have realized that getting through this quarantine by DIY-ing some fun projects is the only way they will remain sane. Customizing, reconstructing, and upcycling their old clothes with DIY supplies is a great way to keep yourself occupied during this pandemic.

The fashion industry may be shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic, but many fashion consumers are keeping themselves busy by making their clothes and selling them online. This includes recycling or revamping old outfits into DIY fashion ideas that are stylish and comfortable. You may think that designers may look at this as bad news, especially when it comes to customer relationships, but they are tapping into the creative reserves of up and coming young fashionistas. The lockdown has created opportunities for many young creative minds to build relationships with designers and brands that will provide them with many opportunities during the lockdown.

Online clothing brands, especially brands that produce Indo-Western clothes, are reaching out to creators through social media platforms like Instagram and creating marketing campaigns that revolve around various tutorials and challenges. This content is aimed at inspiring customers to sketch, style, stitch, and embroider their clothes while creating a shoot at home.

DIY clothing along with DIY fashion ideas brings about a creative ecosystem that creates a resale value that serves the young generation quite well. Young creators get inspired by following DIY tutorials online, and this leads to creating their brand and pieces from a vast range of fabric that are discarded from everyday fabrics.
The DIY fashion trend has been accelerated during the pandemic lockdown. Digital natives have grown in a hyper-connected world, and their visibility has skyrocketed as well. This is where DIY clothing is created, worn, or sold.

If you have been organizing your closet during the lockdown, you may have noticed a bunch of old clothes that seem outdated right now. Well, since the lockdown seems to be here for a while, why not let your creative juices flow and come up with outfits like DIY summer outfits and DIY dresses. Not only will they look super cute, but they will be a reflection of your independent style and unique taste.

This is the best time to get crafty and revamp old clothes; not only will you save yourself some money but you will end up with clothes that are as good as new. Also, your DIY clothing is great for the environment because it prevents textile waste.

Listed below are some popular DIY fashion ideas for ethnic and Indo-Western wear. They are inspired by popular creators and influencers on the internet.

DIY Tie and Dye

If you have been following Instagram trends, avidly, then you are probably aware of the tie and dye trend. You can transform a boring old white kurta or white Patiala pants into funky bohemian printed outfits that scream summer and add color to a mundane day. This is a great way to upgrade your old wardrobe, as well.

Combine Ethnic Prints with western Silhouettes

If you have ethnic print fabric, you can always transform it into a maxi. There is something gorgeous about bold ethnic patterns like embroidery and block prints. Ethnic designs add elegance to clothes and when combined with western silhouettes they bring out the perfect Indo-western fusion look. This idea is great if you want to create some fun DIY summer outfits.

Create Unusual Combinations

If you have an old kurta then you can give it a new life by pairing it with fun bottoms. Whether you want to pair it with a churidar, Patiala, or salwar, you can go on and create amazing fusion looks. You can DIY some great styles by mixing up your kurta and pajama combination, and the best part is that it works both ways. You can pair your salwar with western tops or midi-dresses for a great western look.

Style Your Pieces with a Twist

Ethnic pieces by themselves are quite stunning, but you can take your look to the next level and create an Indo fusion outfit that translates into a chic trend. You can always wear loose ethnic tops and roll up the sleeves or knot it at the waist for an easy and quick bohemian look. You can also modify any old kurta into a new fashion dress, just wear them without any bottom and ensure that the kurta is at an appropriate length to be transformed into a summer outfit. If your kurta has long slits at the side, then you can give it an Indo-Ethnic twist by pairing it with denim shorts underneath, and this will create a cute look.

Transform Your Old Saree into a New One

If you have an old saree that has slightly torn edges or a frayed pallu, then fret not! Mostly, the damage to a saree occurs to the border. So, you can rip off the border and stitch a new one; you can choose the border form Kundan, sequin, or zari based patchwork. Add some tassels or pom poms to the pallu to give it an extra desi flair.

Create a Lehenga or Half Saree

A lehenga or half saree is created from an old saree and it’s a great option. If you don’t have enough saree fabric for the entire outfit, then you can cut enough for the lehenga and use the rest of the material for the blouse. If you want to create a half saree then you have to keep the pattern simple, if you want the outfit to level up then add some borders, embroidery, or lace. Follow the same pattern for the blouse and dupatta as well.

Turning Your Old Sarees into Vibrant Summer Skirts

This is such an easy DIY clothing tip, and it’s quite an interesting idea. You can transform an old flowy saree into a midi or a maxi skirt. These colorful skirts can be paired with basic T-shirts or tank tops, which will provide a cool Indo-Fusion boho-chic look.

Slit Kurta with a Dhoti

If you think a dhoti can be worn only by men, then think again! Women have taken over this clothing style and made it their own. Dhoti pants and dhoti palazzos are great when teamed up with a basic slit kurta.

Turn Your Old Sarees into Vibrant Dupattas

This idea happens to be a popular DIY clothes design because it results in gorgeous pattu and zari dupattas that look quite grand. You can transform your saree into dupattas and pair them with simple raw silks or jute Anarkali suits and they will look splendid. This makes for attractive DIY trendy clothes, and you won’t need to invest in expensive dupattas or salwar suits. The dupatta will make your outfit look expensive with no cost at all.

Turn a Chiffon Saree into a Summery Kaftan

If you love loose clothing, especially for the summers, and are looking for easy DIY summer outfits then you can turn your mother’s old chiffon sarees into a kaftan style kurta. These kurtas are quite comfortable, airy, and elegant. You can try out chiffon or georgette sarees for this style.

Transform Old Cotton Sarees into a Summer Maxi Dress

It’s clear that the saree is a versatile fabric, and many options come to mind when you look up DIY fashion ideas. If you want to try out the ethnic fusion look then pick up an old cotton saree and give it a makeover by turning it into a beautiful maxi dress. You can even use a pattu saree to create an opulent piece.

Lace it Up

If you have any old kurtas that are basic and you want to revamp them into a more feminine style, then the go-to DIY clothes design is adding lace to the borders. Lace has always been in demand because of its delicate allure and it provides a certain dose of charm and intrigue when added to old ethnic wear. You can add white or black lace to solid colored ethnic tops. If you’re feeling bold, then you can add red lace to the cuffs and necklines of monochromatic blouses. Ensure that the tops are plain and don’t include much print.

Turning Your Sari into a Glamorous Dress

If you want to wear a princess gown, and don’t want to spend a bunch of money to get one then transform your old sarees into a dress and nobody will know the difference. All you need to learn are some simple draping tricks, and voila you will have your elegant dress. Get hold of any chiffon saree that you are willing to revamp into a dress and make some pleats in the middle while tying the ends to make them into sleeves. Use a thin belt to keep the saree together; the belt will provide proper coverage to the upper part of your body as well.

Cut Your Old Kurta & Transform it into a Shrug

This is one of the most creative DIY clothing ideas. If you have looked at your kurtas that are gathering dust over the years and don’t know what to style them with anymore, then it’s time to turn them into cute shrugs that can transform your mundane clothes into an Indo-Western outfit. You will have to start by cutting the front of the kurta open and do it in a straight line. Add some fun buttons and stitch up the hem to avoid fraying. Your new desi shrug can be paired with your favorite jeans and tee-shirt combo.

While DIY projects may be fun and bring out your creative side, you may want to take a break now and then. Online stores, like Inddus, are great if you want to get some DIY fashion ideas. You can look for a variety of Indo fusion pieces and pair them with your DIY outfits, at an affordable price as well.

DIY clothes are great if you want to upscale old garments and customize them, but if you have gained a few pounds during the lockdown and the DIY clothes are not providing you with the fit you expect, then you order customized kurtas, palazzos, and salwar suits on You can choose from a variety of lehengas, kurtas, sarees, and other Indo-Western wear. We also offer you superb choices that contribute to quick fashion solutions.

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