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Fashion trends in 2020 – Get your Wardrobe Ready with Ethnic Wear

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Fashion is dynamic, which means that it’s constantly evolving. But, what remains constant in the Indian fashion industry is the ethnic styles. This year the spring-summer 2020 fashion trends are ready to take the industry by storm. The ethnic fashion trend has a timeless appeal that attracts women of all ages. Maybe it’s the feminine charm, the vibrant hues, or the fact that the garments are comfortable.

Since Indian ethnic wear has become quite versatile, women no longer just wear ethnic outfits for weddings and formal events. The latest 2020 fashion trends are here to stay for a long long time, be it for work or fun.
The spring-summer season ushers in plenty of reasons to celebrate, and with festivals and weddings around the corner, it’s time to bring out your ladylike charm and show off what’s in style now by wearing the latest trends in clothes.

You can get your wardrobe ready with the latest ethnic wear by following this fashion checklist:

A glamorous saree

Sarees are the quintessential ethnic wear, and ever since its origin in India, it has become a national treasure that is a constant reminder of Indian traditions and culture. Whether you’re an Indian woman living in the USA or the UK, you can never go wrong with a beautiful, flowy, saree. You can opt for a trendy attire or an evergreen heirloom that will accentuate your curves. The saree is perfect for formal and party occasions.

Patiala salwar suit:

If comfort and easy-going is your style, then the Patiala salwar suit is the perfect ethnic fashion trend for you this 2020. The wide, baggy bottoms, along with the sleek kurtas can be paired perfectly with a flowy dupatta, making it the perfect combination of style and comfort. Which means that it’s perfect for the warm summer months while you hop between various ceremonies and celebrations.

The classic Kurta:

A 2020 fashion trends list will never be completed without a fancy kurta. The classic style may not be part of the traditional ethnic dressing style, it’s more of an Indo-western fusion that has taken the Indian communities around the world by storm. The reason this garment is so versatile is that it can be paired with leggings, jeans, palazzos, and long skirts. While the traditional kurta, in general, may not be topping the latest fashion trends in India, many women wear a more modernized version filled with patterns and designs that are quite trendy and up to date with the latest styles. You can create your own trendy fashion styles by pairing your kurta with long/short jackets, using sheer materials for the kurta, adding long slits on the sides for a better fit, adding fringe detailing at the bottom or by incorporating puffy or umbrella sleeves. Also, when layering your outfits ensure that you use layers made of light material.

Ethnic skirts:

A long ethnic skirt is perfect when it’s paired with the right top, it will provide you with a beautiful ensemble that is sure to make heads turn. It’s the perfect indo-western amalgamation, especially when paired with a tank top or a short kurta. Some of the popular fashion trends for 2020 that come with ethnic skirts include kalamkari, printed florals, Ikat, and so on; you can pick the one that suits your style the best. If print and texture are not your style then you can always go for plain silk skirts that are great for parties like sangeet and other cultural events.

Palazzo suits:

Another great addition to the 2020 fashion trends list, is the incorporation of the palazzo suits. They are the latest addition to the ethnic wear trend and suit Indian women quite well. The palazzo suit is replacing the salwar trend, and women of all ages are following this trend by incorporating it into their daily style. The wide-legged trousers are perfect for the warm temperatures that come with spring and summer as they are comfortable and are made out of natural materials like cotton. You can pair them with short/long kurtas, or crop tops for an Indo-western fusion look. They can be worn for various occasions. You can choose the best palazzo suits that suit your style by shopping from online sites like Inddus.

Classic Jhumkas:

If you think India’s ethnic trends start and end at the clothes then you’re highly mistaken. Many elements build an ethnic style, and accessories happen to be a major part of the latest fashion trends in India for women. These pair of trinkets have been all-time favorites for Indian women all over the world. They come in many sizes and are bell-shaped with the smaller versions popularly called jhumkis. A bright pair and flamboyant pair of the jhumkas can take your ethnic look to the next level.


Punjabi Juttis are all the rage right now from Montreal to Massachusetts, and an essential part of the latest Indian outfits for women all across the globe. The shoes have made an explosive comeback this year with colorful designs and enhanced comfort. They are quite versatile because they can be teamed up with any Indian attire like churidar, lehenga choli, palazzo suits, and Patiala salwar suits. You can even give your western looks an Indian twist by pairing basic blue jeans and white t-shirts with colorful jootis. The comfort and color are great additions to any indo-western outfit.

Detail designed dupattas:

When you don a dupatta that is heavily designed with intricate embroidery, zari, or patchwork, it can add loads of style to a plain outfit. Not only do they complete the traditional look but they add class and elegance to the outfit as well. There are a variety of fabrics you can choose from when adding a dupatta, and the Indian textile industry is full of it. Some of the popular dupattas you can stock up on are Gota Patti, Banarasi, Kalamkari, Madhubani, and Chanderi. When you pair a heavily embroidered dupatta with plain kurta and leggings, you can effortlessly steal the spotlight.


This is another type of earrings that are loved by Indian women of all ages and its making waves in the spring summer 2020 fashion trends. These earrings originated during the Mughal rule in India, and they are inspired by the shape of the moon. This accessory pairs well with most Indian outfits and it adds regal charm to your outfit and personality as well. They are available in any form such as dangle, peacock, jhumar, and drop.

Trending patterns to wear 2020 fashion trends:

Now that we have got the hang of the popular styles you should be wearing this spring-summer, here are the trending patterns that will go best with your ethnic and indo-western outfits:

Blushing hues:

When you pick pastel shades, the outfit gets a soft and feminine feel to it. Pastels also represent spring and summer and are perfect shades for the warmer months. You can top off the shades with metallic detailing to add a regal touch to your overall style.

Fusion and new-age:

Fusion, east meets west, ready to wear are few of the buzzwords that modern Indians look for when shopping for ethnic wear. Luckily, websites like Inddus are pioneers in providing indo-western looks and styles for Indian women in the USA and the UK. You can go for light fabrics that are efficient. Look for fusion silhouettes as they are taking over the Indian trend page.

High slits are all the rage:

The humble kurta and tunic are getting a new-age spin with the high slits. This spring-summer season, opt for kurtas that have an extra cut while keeping the conservative look alive. This will give the outfit an elegant modern spin.

Marigold diva:

Incorporate some of that marigold magic into your Indian outfit. You can never go wrong with deep yellow hues because they represent summer and cheer! You can get a bold asymmetric tunic and lend a modern edge to your look, or an embroidered skirt set that will really let the color shine.

Dazzling Metallic:

2020 is the year for metallic, whether prints or embellishments, you can don ethnic wear that is fun and glittery as well.

Whites for the win:

When you go for trendy patterns like flowy kurtas, playful shararas, and delicate drapes, choose them in warm white colors. They add a dash of femininity and romance to the overall look and make a grand impression as well.

Threaded masterpieces:

This pattern is quite understated, but it’s so much fun and the patterns are whimsical. So, if you’re looking for quirky outfits then go for multi-colored threads that have zari and sequin work. These light ethnic outfits are perfect for the warmer month.

Quirky hems:

Take your outfit to the next level by getting a tunic with a bohemian twist; even better, get a tunic that has fresh asymmetric cuts. These hems are great if you’re looking for a fun, casual look.
You can look for the latest 2020 fashion trends by shopping at Inddus online store. You can choose from plenty of Indo-western looks that are affordable and are of the best quality as well.

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