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A Detailed Guide to Choosing the Perfect Indian Wedding Attire

A Detailed Guide to Choosing the Perfect Indian Wedding Attire
Written by Inddus

A Detailed Guide to Choosing the Perfect Indian Wedding Attire

Indian weddings usually bring about the question, “how to pick a wedding dress?” and this is because they are famous across the globe for their extravagant appeal, larger than life decor, ceremonies that can span for days, and sparkly clothes. An Indian wedding takes months to plan and it culminates into a big occasion that people look forward to all year.

While other aspects of a wedding may be subtle or extra, we all have to agree that Indian wedding outfits are lavish and elegant, which also means that choosing the right lehenga for brides can be a tedious process. Deciding on your wedding outfit can be difficult because there are many factors that you have to keep in mind. You will need to allocate a budget, know the right shops, be aware of the designers who will provide you with the best quality at an affordable rate, decide on the perfect color pattern, and embroidery work, and so on. All these factors can be quite overwhelming, which is why we have compiled a handy guide that will help you narrow down your choices while deciding on the best wedding attire.

Top wedding dress shopping tips to consider before purchase:

The most important element for the bride is her wedding dress, and the perfect wedding dress must be collectively chosen and approved by her family. Hence, there is a lot riding on this garment, so it should be nothing less than spectacular. Here are some of the top tips for trying on wedding dresses before purchasing the “one”.

Have proper clarity on your budget:

If you look at a wedding without the rose-tinted glasses, you will see that it’s a costly affair. The wedding lehenga makes up for at least a quarter of the wedding budget. Therefore, you need to conduct a good amount of research and determine how much you are willing to spend on your dream bridal lehenga. The Indian wedding lehengas for bride research must include details like price, style, and brand.

The entourage must be minimal:

This means that the shopping team that you use for your wedding prep, including the bridal gown selection, must be minimal. Usually, it’s the families of the bride and groom that accompany the bride when selecting the perfect dress. However, you shouldn’t depend on just family to make the final choice. Since this is a critical task, you must ensure that you take people who you trust and would accompany you. There is nothing worse than muddled opinions or controlling sentiments that can confuse the bride. The last thing you want to do is lash out at the ones you love, even if they were trying to help in their way.

Body Type:

Lehenga for brides can be quite heavy, and if they are not customized according to your body type they can be uncomfortable and inconvenient. For instance, skinny girls will have a small frame, this means that the pattern should be a balance between elegant and exquisite; avoid piling on the embroidery, and flashy colors, as this will make the bride look like she is drowning in material. Same goes for other body types as well, when you look for wedding dresses they should maintain a good balance between elegance and royalty, also the fit should be perfect.

Pay close attention to embroidery and color:

When you think about how to pick a wedding dress, the first elements that come to your mind are embroidery and color. This is because Indian bridal outfits are usually in bold festive colors like red and pink. However, if you choose to go for mellow colors then that is fine too. If you’re going for pastel shades then ensure that the garment has a good amount of embroidery because it will give the outfit a regal touch. You can opt for sequins, glass, zardosi, or silk because they are perfect for the choli; you have to look at the perfect blend of embroidery and color to get a beautiful wedding lehenga.

The fitting day is crucial:

This is one of the major tips for wedding dress shopping. When you have chosen the perfect dress, you will have to schedule fitting days. Here, you should listen to your instinct more than anyone else. Since you’re the bride you have to feel comfortable and special in your dress. You can take the opinion of your friends or family, but the end decision is yours to make. You have to be crisp and clear when communicating the fitting needs with the tailor, and don’t hesitate to call them out when they don’t agree with your demands or try to impose their opinions on you. You must be extremely involved during your fitting sessions, and always make it to your appointments on time. Get all your queries answered and ensure that the fit is perfect during each fitting.

Think about the jewelry:

When you think about wedding lehengas, the wedding jewelry springs to mind almost immediately. It’s an important part of the entire bridal attire and you usually don’t have a lot of room when it comes to choosing the perfect jewelry. Hence, it’s not a smart idea to purchase a lehenga and then go street shopping for jewelry. You can buy your jewelry first and then you can work with many options when it comes to wedding lehengas. This way you will get an attire that complements each other and suits your style as well.

Seek out the best tailor/designer in town:

When you ask yourself, “how to pick a wedding dress?” you will usually be met with answers that include visiting the local tailor for design ideas. This is not a good idea because their knowledge of wedding lehengas will be limited. Instead, you can rely on well-known designers who will follow your instructions, rather than playing to their whims.

Comfort is key:

Bridal lehengas are quite heavy, and when worn for a long period they can be uncomfortable and itchy (due to the embroidery). However, discomfort is the last thing you want to be feeling on your special day. Hence, you have to ensure that the blouse fits well and that you can breathe peacefully as well.

Don’t go overboard with the blouse:

This is one of the underrated tips for wedding dress shopping. Heavy lehengas, extravagant jewelry, and cakey makeup can get quite overwhelming for the bride, so to ease things a bit it’s always advised that you keep the blouse minimal and avoid any heavy embroidery on it; keep all the work for the skirt and dupatta. Opt for a simple blouse that fits well and is comfortable and you will be thankful for it on the big day.

Various types of lehenga for brides:

A wedding does not just start and end at the reception, there are pre and post-wedding ceremonies that can last for a whole week. This also means more looks for wedding dresses and various other fancy lehengas to choose from. If you’re a beginner then here’s a guide on what to wear and what no to wear at the following wedding functions:


An engagement is usually a low key function, which means that the functions are not as boisterous as the sangeet. So, you will have to go for subtle options like plain lehengas and gowns; also, millennial brides are loving simple silhouettes.
Avoid a salwar suit for engagements because they can look too casual. Stay away from sarees as well, try to keep your style more modern and ethnic rather than traditional.

Mehendi and Sangeet:

These celebrations are loud, fun, and full of joy. This also means that you have to choose outfits that are comfortable, breathy, and flowy. Sangeet is all about letting loose and dancing till you can’t feel your feet anymore. Choose a lightweight outfit and pair it with comfortable jootis. Avoid simple suits and any cut that restricts movement.


Now we come to the big day! This is where your outfit must be spectacular and eye-catching. You must wear something that highlights the significance of the big day. So, you can for heavy floor length anarkalis, embroidered sarees, or colorful lehengas. The bride will have to pick something glamorous and unique, a wedding dress that will stand out from the crown and make her look the very best. Avoid wearing anything too simple, and keep the weather in mind as well.

How to pick a wedding dress based on your body shape?

Most women tend to search for wedding dress shopping tips that include their body type. While most wedding outfits look amazing on mannequins and slim models, every woman has a different body type. The versatility that a lehenga offers is why it’s so wonderful. There are some guidelines you have to follow when searching for a lehenga that suits your shape and compliments your body type.

Triangular- This when the upper body is slim and the lower body is wider. These body types can go for Saree Lehengas. They will flatter your curves better than any other ethnic wear.

Inverted Triangle- This when the upper body is broader than the lower body. You can opt for lehengas that have loose and flowy skirts. Double can-cans in the lehenga skirt will accentuate your figure and it will look perfect.

Hourglass- This is when your figure is balanced, the upper body and lower body are even with a small waist. You can experiment with anything and show off the slim waist as well.

Rectangular- This is when the body does not have curves, and there is no difference in the size of the breast, waist, and hips. You can drape the dupatta in a way that is slanted from the abdomen to the navel. This style will create a pseudo curvy look as well.

How to pick a wedding dress style based on your height?

Not every Indian bride is tall- some are short and petite. Short brides usually dread dress shopping because they feel that the lehenga will be too much for their frame and that they are drowning in fabric. Here are some lehenga style guides for short (and curvy) brides:
Fabric- Indian wedding lehengas for bride, especially brides, should be flowy. Opt for materials like silk chiffon, sheer, georgette, and net. Stay away from volume, this can happen if you use materials like velvet, silk, or brocade; using these materials will only make you look short and plump.

Minimal embellishments- Stay away from heavy embroidery because not only will it add extra weight to your lehenga, it will also make you appear bulky. Choose a nice fabric with minimal embellishments.

Monotones are your best friend- Avoid going overboard with colors, choose solid or monochromatic tones that will help you look streamlined and classy.

Vertical or small prints- Go for designs that are chic and small. This is because bold and spaced out prints will make you look shorter. Choosing vertical designs will provide the illusion that you’re taller as well.

Invest in a good pair of heels- If your footwear is not right then you will end up feeling grumpy and irritable throughout the wedding day, and that is not the memory you want to take away from the most special day of your life! A good pair of heels make come at a higher price, but it’s an investment if they are comfortable and make you happy.

How to pick a wedding dress based on your complexion?

Choosing the best color for your wedding lehenga, that will not wash out your beautiful complexion, can be overwhelming for a bride-to-be. Now, brides love to experiment with bold hues and broaden their horizons when it comes to interesting color combinations. Here are our top suggestions:

Fair- Avoid wearing jewel-toned lehengas or ones that are too dark because they can make you seem washed out, especially when you’re aiming for the bridal glow. Opt for colors like orange, fuchsia, or yellow; these poppy colors will appear brighter and add to your happy appearance.

Olive- This is the most common Indian complexion, and if you’re blessed with it you can choose whatever color you want. Go for earthy colors like reds, maroons, blues, and oranges. Try to stay away from neon colors because they can make you look dull and won’t look good on photographs as well.

Dark- For all you melanin rich ladies, you get to pick dark and sensual colors like wine, deep purples, navy blues, and emerald greens. They will bring out the rich tones of your complexion and make you look amazing in pictures as well.

Celebrity Brides you can take inspiration from:

Anushka Sharma:

Whether it was the perfect wedding dress or the scenic location, Anushka Sharma made for a gorgeous bride. The “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi” actress looked flawless in a pastel, floral wedding lehenga, she made waves in the fashion circles with her spring design that gave inspiration for many potential brides. Her mehendi outfit was stunning as well, the boho-inspired garment became a quick fan favorite. In the end, she made the perfect Sabyasachi bride.

Sonam Kapoor:

Sonam Kapoor is known for her terrific sense of style, and it showed in her wedding dress as well. The fashionista chose a contemporary outfit that was classic and elegant. The classic red lehenga was designed by Anuradha Vakil and it was paired with an extravagant matha Patti.

Sagarika Ghatge:

If you believe that bridal makeup should be simple and minimalistic then Sagarika is the bride you should look to for inspiration. The actress looked ethereal in her choice of colors, red Sabyasachi sari and a grey Falguni and Shane Peacock lehenga, and she paired it with a simple makeup look that showed off her beautiful skin.

Amrita Puri:

If you want to opt for soft gold hues for your wedding day, then you can look at Amrita Puri’s and get inspired. The actress looked gorgeous in a golden ensemble by Sabyasachi that included intricate embellishments. She had the perfect Sikh wedding, and her entire outfit was pulled together with a net dupatta which had a beautiful border that took the look to another level.

Indian Wedding Dress Tips:

Fabric and embroidery:

For brides, choosing the right fabric and embellishment can make or break their wedding mood. So you have to ensure that the outfit is comfortable and suits the weather of your wedding day. If you’re getting married during the summertime then avoid fabrics like velvet and silks; these fabrics look good on the winter bride. Also, don’t forget to choose a fabric that reflects your style the best.

Look up the latest trends:

When it comes to wedding lehengas, you shouldn’t follow the trends blindly. If you see a statement that looks interesting then do your research and find out more about it. Ensure that you do your research and add your taste into any trend you plan on following. You should put your thoughts on whatever fad you wish to follow.

Don’t overdo the matchy-matchy affair:

If you think that every aspect of your outfit, from the tassels to your shoes, should be matching, then stop right now because that’s a major blunder right there. Yes, you can go for monotone, but it should not all be the same shade because that’s a bit of an overkill. The modern bride loves to experiment with contrasts, along with mixing and matching various styles.

Length of the lehenga:

Usually, the length of the lehenga is a few inches below the feet. This is done to make you look taller and so that you get to wear heels with your outfit. Recently, women prefer not to keep the length too long. If you’re planning on wearing juttis with your lehenga then its best that you keep the skirt ankle length, or maybe a little below the ankles. Another way to look taller is by keeping a three to four inches between your blouse and lehenga. If you hitch up the lehenga too far up the waist, it can make you look shorter.

The budget of the lehenga:

This is an essential factor that you have to think about before going dress shopping. Your dress must fall within your budget. You have to understand that various designers will have different costs. If you want to go for a designer lehenga then you will have to keep 2.5 lakhs aside and that’s just the minimum; the alterations and fitting costs will be extra. If you’re on a budget, you will get a lehenga that is around 50,000 from affordable designers like Swati Manish, Frontier Raas, and so on.

Customize your dream dress with Inddus:

If you’re looking for affordable and stunning lehenga cholis that are perfect for the wedding season then Inddus is the place to look at. Inddus has the perfect lehenga for brides from light, flowy skirts to velvet embellished cholis, you can select the type that matches your personality the best.
Not only will you be purchasing premium lehengas, in the best fabric, you will also be able to afford ethnic wear that is of the best quality.


In the end, you can choose the best lehenga for the glitziest wedding but it won’t matter if you don’t feel good when you wear it. Wear your lehenga with confidence and make memories on your special day that will last you a lifetime.

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