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Lehenga Style Suit

Lehenga style suits are gorgeous and no one can deny that. Taking inspiration from the captivating Lehenga-choli and the convenience of a suit, the Lehenga style suit has many takers today. Age is no bar when it comes to this fashion piece because of the elegance and attractiveness it exudes. Whether you buy Lehenga salwar kameez online or you buy it from a brick-and-mortar store, the Lehenga style suit is one investment you won’t regret. It is great for every occasion and can be styled in many different ways.


The Lehenga style suit is inspired from Lehenga-choli and salwar kameez. In fact, Lehenga style salwar kameez can be called the perfect fusion between Lehenga and salwar kameez. Lehenga has been popular since the Mughal era, when it was created and worn by women. A long skirt or Lehenga, a choli, and a dupatta come together to complete the Lehenga-choli look. Since then the Lehenga has been a popular choice for many occasions such as weddings, festivals, and parties. Lehenga style suits were created by merging the Lehenga and kurta while keeping the dupatta. This is one of the outfits that have become iconic.


When you shop for Lehenga suits online, you will notice there are many exquisite designs available. You can buy Abaya-style Lehenga suits which are inspired from an Abaya. This type of Lehenga style suit consists of a Lehenga bottom and a kurta top that resembles an Abaya design. This design has an Islamic origin, but is popular among women from all communities. Anarkali Lehenga suits generally come with a kurta, a Lehenga, and pants. Sometimes, Anarkali Lehenga suits resemble Anarkali style kurtas with the kurta and Lehenga being one piece instead of two along with pants or churidar.

A straight cut Lehenga suit is another popular variant of a Lehenga style suit. This consists of a straight-cut kurta which falls below the knee and a Lehenga that can be worn below. There are usually no pants in this outfit as the Lehenga usually falls all the way till your ankle or below. The latest Lehenga suit design is the Jacket style Lehenga suit. This resembles the Anarkali Lehenga suit. It comprises a jacket-like top that can be a part of the kurta by being attached to it or worn over the kurta separately. The jacket is long as it covers part of the Lehenga portion too. The jacket style Lehenga suit can come with pants.


Lehenga suits can be made from several different types of materials. Brocade is often used for a regal Lehenga style suit. Brocade is an elegant fabric that comes under the category of woven fabrics. Golden or silver threads are often used to create elaborate designs. Brocade fabrics can be made from synthetic or natural fibres. A brocade Lehenga suit is a classy option for a grand outfit, being  glamorous and artistic at the same time. Another popular fabric used for making Lehenga style suits is crepe. Crepe is chosen for Lehenga style suits because it gives a chic look and is preferred for the summers or events during the day.

Occasions for the Lehenga

Lehenga suits are usually best for partywear and special occasions such as festivals, weddings, receptions, and engagement parties. When you look for Lehenga suits online, you will notice they come with a lot of detailing, which is why Lehenga pattern suits are suitable to be worn at times of celebration. The design of the Lehenga suit can determine the best time to wear them. Today, thanks to a variety of Lehenga suits available in different fabrics, they can be worn all year round. You just want to be sure you are choosing the right fabric to match the weather.

Washing Tips

Not sure about washing your Lehenga style suit? Then it is best if you give them to professional dry cleaners because they know how to best take care of such suits. Since Lehenga kameez sets are made from different materials, fabrics of different colours and usually have embellishments that require delicate handling, you need to take all of these into account before you wash it. When you buy online, you will find the fabric details and the washing instructions for you to read. When bought from a store, the details will be on the labels. Carefully follow the instructions given.