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How to shop for the latest lehenga USA?

It goes without saying that every bride-to-be has a to-do list that’s heavily customized, and it includes the most important task, that’s purchasing her dream lehenga. Whether you’re going for lehenga USA or chaniya choli online shopping USA, bridal shopping can be an overwhelming experience. This is why it’s recommended that you start with your lehenga shopping in the early stages of the wedding prep. Before we get into the styles and maintenance essentials for your lehenga choli, let’s have a look at the history behind this elegant outfit.

History of the ready to wear lehenga

The Indian lehenga has traveled a long way, from the Mughal era to commercial spaces in cosmopolitan cities. In the beginning, during the Mughal era, the lehenga was only worn by women in the Royal Court. There is not much that has changed since then, at least in terms of pattern. The outfit still includes a long skirt, a fitted blouse, and a flowing dupatta.  Now, the conventional lehenga choli is worn in the traditional form. It’s donned during festivals, wedding parties, and so on.

A shopping guide to buying your lehenga USA online

Make a list

This is essential if you want to stick to your budget. Here you will decide on what style lehenga you want, the accessories that go with it. You have to stay focused on what you want to buy and stick to your list. That’s the only way you can check off the items and purchase what you need.

Find your style

This means you will have to find your bridal style. This process will involve loads of research, which includes spending time going through websites and Instagram to shortlist ideas, styles, and outfits. You can also attend bridal exhibitions because you will get some inspiration from designers outside your city. They will help broaden your choices and widen your perspective on brands and designer wedding lehenga cholis. The research will also help you gain confidence during the shopping processes because you will be aware of the various styles, colors, fabrics, and silhouettes.

Color is key

Even the top bridal lehenga designers love to experiment with color, and you should too. Your bridal lehenga should reflect your style and personality, and if you love pink, then opt for a rosy pink lehenga. You can take inspiration from offbeat designs and color variations. Choose a color combination that makes you happy when you go for chaniya choli online shopping USA.

Here are some of the top lehenga USA styles for 2020

Designer crop top lehenga

The crop top trend is here to stay, and it’s perfect if you want to go for an Indo-Western look. Just ensure that the crop top matches your skirt, in terms of design and color.

Designer Bridal lehenga

If you want to go for something that’s quirky and is perfect for your Mehndi ceremony then opt for a designer lehenga. Since the mehndi ceremony is fun and jovial, you can opt for a lehenga that has light fabrics along with minimal embroidery. You can even opt for a voluminous skirt because it makes for the perfect bridal outfit.

Designer Net Lehenga

The net lehenga combination is perfect for wedding ceremonies like the Sangeet or reception. When paired with an exquisite color combination and embroidery, the net lehenga is great for any festive occasion.

Maintenance tips for your lehenga choli online USA

These are ornate garments that can only be dry cleaned. You will have to invest in dry cleaning services that you trust. Even if they cost a little extra than normal, it will be worth it because it will save your precious lehenga from faded colors, damaged embroidery, and dulling.

Drying tips include

  • Avoid wringing or squeezing them

  • Heavy outfits must not be left hanging on the clothing wire, especially if it’s dripping water. Water can add weight to the clothes and it can lead to loss of shape.

  • When drying the outfits, ensure that you don’t pair your dark-colored lehenga with the light ones. This is because the colors tend to bleed and it can stain the lighter garments.

  • Storing tips

    Avoid storing the clothes in spaces where the humidity is high because the moisture can ruin the fabric. Also, don’t store them in places where there is direct or partial sunlight as it can cause the colors to fade.

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