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The Pakistani salwar kameez is one of the most loved salwar kameez styles that has become quite popular among Indian women. The best part is you can opt for the simple types so you can wear it as casual wear to the office, to the market or when you are going to the nearby stores. Else, if you prefer, you can opt for Pakistani partywear suits that come in a range of beautiful styles and embroidery options.


Salwar kameez is the national dress of Pakistan. Pakistani salwar kameez suits were introduced in the 13th century by Muslims. After its introduction, the Pakistani style salwar kameez became popular all over Pakistan because of the comfort it provided. Traditionally, the Pakistani salwar kameez for women consisted of a dupatta, a long tunic-like top that was below the knee, and salwar which resembled a loose trouser. Salwar kameez or shalwar kameez started to evolve over the years as styles changed. However, some aspects remained the same in Pakistani salwar kameez style suits such as the three-piece set for women.


Whether you opt to shop online for Pakistani salwar kameez or plan on going to the store, you have loads of options to choose from. A simple Pakistani cotton salwar kameez with little or no work can be perfect for everyday wear. You can wear it to your work or you can wear it when you are going shopping. There are chic styles for you to choose from. Another popular type of Pakistani salwar suit online is the anarkali suit. Anarkali is versatile and you can find ones that are simple yet elegant. You will be able to easily find pakistani kameez online that have intricate work done too which is great for parties and functions.

Another popular type is designer wear. You can find designer Pakistani salwar kameez online or in stores. Designer Pakistani suits flaunt heavy intricate work on them and are suitable for special occasions such as your engagement. A Pakistani sharara is a fantastic type of Pakistani salwar kameez available online. It comes with a dupatta, a kurta, and flared pants. These are super-stylish and are perfect for any celebration. If you want to turn heads then this is the Pakistani suit style to choose because there are so many wonderful choices. You have a variety of patterns, colours, embellishments, and embroidered suits to choose from.


Pakistani style suits are made from silk, chiffon, cotton, georgette, satin, velvet, and viscose. Many Pakistani designer salwar kameez suits are made with silk. The moment we think of silk, we think of luxury which is why so many women opt for silk designer Pakistani suits for their special day. Silk is strong, durable, and has a natural shine. Silk is highly flexible which is why it is the chosen material type in many garments. When you wear a silk Pakistani suit, it exudes a regal vibe and its soft texture makes it perfect for parties and for special occasions where you want to be comfortable and look flawless at the same time.

Pakistani kameez can be made with a different material than that of dupatta and the salwar. A popular Pakistani partywear salwar kameez material is chiffon. Chiffon has a structure which enables whoever wears it to flaunt it. It is usually used to make evening gowns because of how well it drapes. If you are planning to buy a party wear salwar kameez that has a flowing kurta, then chiffon can be a good material choice. The material is known to be strong, sheer, shimmery, and has the ability to stretch. Other materials used in Pakistani dresses salwar kameez are also popular depending on the occasion for which you want to buy your Pakistani suit.

When To Wear It

A salwar kameez Pakistan style can be worn on different occasions. If you have chosen the latest Pakistani salwar kameez then you can wear it when you go out with your friends and family. You can wear them when you are attending a party. It all depends on the type of Pakistani suit that you have chosen. The ones with heavy work such as designer Pakistani salwar kameez should be worn on occasions such as receptions, engagement parties, religious festivals, and any other big day. You want to make sure you can comfortably carry the salwar kameez and so choosing the perfect day to wear it is crucial.

Washing Tips

If you buy Pakistani salwar kameez online then make sure that you read the washing instructions. The washing method depends on the type of Pakistani salwar kameez and what material it is made from. Sometimes, the material can be the same for all three of the set for women while at other times it can be different. You want to make sure you know what they are made up of to choose the right method of washing and storing. If you have chosen a silk Pakistani suit then you should opt for dry-cleaning instead of handwashing to ensure no damage is done. Make sure you consider what type of work is done on the suit as well to choose the appropriate washing method.

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