Partywear Suits

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Partywear Suits

There was a time when you had to do with the limited partywear options available. Today you can buy party wear suits online or you can shop directly at outlets- the options are just so many! You can find cheap party wear suits or expensive ones, the choice is yours. The colours, the fabrics, the patterns, the design, and the work done on them are so many, you know you are never going to run out of choices! Partywear suits can be simple yet elegant or they can be full of life with bold prints. There are so many partywear salwar suits available now that there is always something special for every single person.


There are numerous partywear suits that are available depending on your comfort level, the weather, and the occasion. The style options are unlimited. You can opt for a lehenga-style suit that borrows the best attributes from a lehenga and a suit giving you a beautifully combined look that will make you the star of the show. You can opt for a party wear designer suit such as a gown style suit that will give you a regal look. Else, you can go for a high slit style suit that will make you the centre of attention. A sharara style partywear suit is another favourite of many Indian women in the US and UK since it is fun and full of spirit. A palazzo style suit can be your new partywear suit since it is charming and bold.

If you want to buy something more on the traditional side then you may want to try the anarkali style partywear suit. The anarkali is versatile and so you can opt for a layered anarkali suit if you are attending a big celebration party. Else, you can opt for a simple embroidered anarkali suit if you want to make a subtle statement. Another option is a straight cut style that is classy and gorgeous while traditionally appealing. You are not limited to buying a partywear suit set anymore because you can get partywear salwar, dupatta, and kurta separately. If you love to mix and match then this can be fun.


When it comes to choosing your partywear suit, the fabric can make all the difference. If you are looking for something simple then choosing fabrics such as cotton can be great for you. You want to make sure that the partywear suit has some work on it so that it looks like party wear instead of casual wear. If you wish to make an impression and stand out from the crowd then you should choose fabrics such as silk blend, georgette, banarasi silk, muslin silk, satin, velvet, chanderi, crepe, art silk, and net. Silk blend is a great option if you are looking for the comfort of cotton and the beauty of silk in one.

You want to consider intricate motifs or embroidery on your partywear suits too. If you are going for a formal party occasion such as a marriage party then chances are you want some work done on the suit that you choose. For example, you might look for ethnic motifs on the suit or you might opt for embroidery on the partywear suit. This can add more appeal to the suit and can make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Floral designs on suits are much-loved and always in season. If you are looking for a vibrant look, then choosing floral print designs is going to be fantastic for you. If you want something high-end then choosing a suit with zari work can do wonders.

How To Rock A Partywear Outfit

Accessories play an important part of your complete look. If you choose Indian party wear suits with heavy embroidery, then minimal jewelry and accessories should be used. However, if you have chosen simple suits then you can go for heavy jewelry. The key is not to overdo anything and create a balance. You should keep in mind the duration of the party and whether you will be dancing or sitting the whole time. This should help guide you to pick the right outfit and the right accessories for the party. Since there are options galore, you will surely find something that suits your style and your personality.

Washing And Storing tips

You need to pay attention when it comes to washing and storing your partywear suits because you don’t want to ruin them! If you have bought a readymade suit then you want to ensure you inspect the tags. The tag will have important information about how to wash the partywear suit and whether washing with hand is an option. Sometimes, suits with certain work done on them can only be dry cleaned. If there is no information available, then you want to inspect the material that the suit is made from and wash accordingly. Storing your partywear salwaar kameez properly is key. Hanging is the safest option if you have sufficient space in your closet.

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