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Salwar Kameez

The easy to carry and versatile salwar kameez has become a staple of every Indian woman living in the country or abroad. Today you can find the best Indian salwar kameez online in styles so beautiful you can’t say no.. Salwar kameez sales have skyrocketed in recent years as online shopping has become so popular especially among the young Indian generation living in the US and other countries. You can get the latest salwar kamez styles delivered right to your doorstep and you can even get salwar kameez  in the USA with free shipping!


The salwar kameez became popular in the 1940s in India. It started with North Indian women wearing it. Back then, the salwar kameez consisted of a kurta, a dupatta, and loose trousers called salwar. These came in several colours and patterns but the basic idea remained the same. The dupatta was a must back then. By the 1970s, churidars were popularized in the Indian cinema and figure-hugging kurtas became the new fashion statement along with dupattas. As the years passed, the salwar kameez evolved as the styles changed. In some salwar kameez variants, the dupatta Is ditched altogether as seen in many Bollywood movies today.


The best part about salwar kameez is that it forms the basis of so many styles. Women have come to love the salwar kameez because it is so versatile. A salwar kameez can be simple with salwar, kameez, and dupatta or it can resemble a gown. When you start your salwar kameez online shopping journey, you will notice there are so many new styles coming in every day. There is the simple cotton salwar kameez and then there are Indian churidars online. The range is enormous when it comes to salwar kameez.

You can find impressive Indian designer salwar suits and Pakistani salwar kameez in the US. When it comes to looking for salwar kameez online usa then you will notice that there are many new styles available. For example, some designer salwar kameez styles come in high-slit style. Then there are other salwar suits available online in the USA that resemble a lehenga. Sharara style salwar kameez is becoming extremely popular too and so is palazzo style salwar. Straight cut salwar kameez styles in the US are becoming a favourite because of their no-nonsense vibe and style. Jacket style salwar kameez is another variant that is popular for formal and traditional attire.


When you buy salwar kameez online in the USA, you will notice that there are many fabrics you can choose from. Some salwars can be made with a different fabric than the kameez. Sometimes, the salwar suits are made with crepe or cotton. This is the case for simple salwar kameez suits. Crepe is one of the fabrics that is used to make salwar kameez suits. It has a distinct bumpy appearance. Crepe can be created with natural fibres or synthetic fibres. Cotton is the most common fabric used to make salwar kameez because of its breathability, durability, softness, and ability to hold a dye well.

Some Indian salwar kameez styles are made of silk. For example, if you buy churidars online especially party wear suits then you will notice they are in silk or georgette. Churidars or other suits in silk have a luxurious feel and look amazing. They give an elegant appeal which makes them a popular choice for salwar kameez. Georgette is another popular choice which comes under the crepe type fabric. Georgette is lightweight and sheer and is often a comfortable fabric. There are different types of georgette such as the silk georgette that resembles the silk chiffon.

When To Wear It

It has become quite easy to buy salwar kameez online because of salwar kameez sales online. Salwar kameez is a versatile clothing option and you can wear it as casual wear, formal wear, and party wear depending on the type. The salwar kameez with simple designs can be worn to work when you don’t want to be the centre of attention. The designer and heavy work salwar kameez can be worn to special occasions. 

Washing and storing tips

Always check the salwar kameez labels before you wash it. There are different ways of washing and storing your clothes depending on the fabric used to make the salwar kameez. Some luxury fabrics need to be taken care of in a different way than normal fabrics such as cotton. If a blended fabric has been used, then consider that as well. For example, cotton can be washed by hand, dry cleaned or machine washed. The composition and the fabric’s color on the salwar kameez should determine the best washing method. If there are any stains on your salwar kameez then it is best to get rid of those before you wash them. 

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