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Silk lehengas, also known as Banarasi lehengas, are everywhere! The traditional, ethnic outfit is popular amongst Indian women all over the world. They are elegant, rich, traditional, light, and add just the right amount of glamour to any special occasion. The reason many women love to wear the Banarasi lehenga is that it’s a great example of excellent artistry.

Popular silk lehenga choli styles The silk lehenga is quite versatile, you can opt for one that is heavily embroidered or something simple with a hint of modern elements.

There is something so special about a silk lehenga, and based on its popularity, Indian women all over the world can’t agree enough. Whether you’re a soon-to-be bride or a bridesmaid or attending a festive occasion, the raw silk ghagra choli looks royal and graceful.

Silk lehengas have taken ethnic fashion to the next level and the detailed designs showcased on a silk half saree lehenga are considered significant in an Indian wedding ceremony.

Reasons to shop for a silk lehenga

Listed below are the top reasons you should invest in a silk designer chaniya choli, this festive season:

It suits everyone:

Silk fabric has movement and is quite light, which means that it looks good on almost any body type. A well-fitted silk lehenga will either mold to your shape or you can make use of a layering technique to provide you with a grand look. If you have a slimmer figure, the layers provided by a silk lehenga will provide the illusion of curves. Additionally, you can try experimenting with a blouse design and show off your frame.

Styling a raw silk ghagra choli is easy:

Styling a silk ghagra is a breeze because you can easily pair it with fabrics like velvet. For instance, if you’re a bridesmaid you can pair a silk Ghagra with a velvet off-shoulder blouse. Additionally, you can add an Indian-Western fusion twist by pairing a silk lehenga with a satin shirt for a pre-wedding ceremony, like the sangeet. The detailed designs, whether print or embroidery will go best with a solid top. The flowy fabric is breathable and comfortable, which can be quite important during a crowded and exhausting festive occasion.

A silk lehenga can be reusable:

This is one of the main reasons women from all over the world gravitate towards a raw silk ghagra choli. Since the lehenga is light and (usually) doesn’t come with any heavy embroidery or embellishments, you can use it for less formal occasions; you can pair it with a simple blouse to give it that toned down look. However, you have to care for your lehenga and keep it in good shape; this is important if you want to reuse it multiple times.

Silk lehengas are the go-to designer fabric:

All the top B-town designers like Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi love playing with silk, and they create the most stunning lehengas with it. Indian designers have taken to raw silk ghagra choli and pure silk Lehenga Choli with dupatta styles because they aim to revive lehenga designs with beautiful, ancient weaving techniques and establish an efficient marketing chain that can be integrated with mainstream fashion. The vote of confidence by top designers can be a deciding factor when you’re thinking of purchasing a silk lehenga.

Here are some popular silk Lehenga Choli with silk dupatta styles that will help you decide on the lehenga in silk fabric that is perfect for you.

Simple lehenga

There is a lehenga style for every mood. If you want to feel like royalty, then you can opt for silks that are in midnight blue or red silk. If you want to keep it light, breezy, and summery then opt for lehengas that have minimal embellishments. If you don’t want to drape a saree, then you go for a lehenga saree.

Net Lehenga

Want to feel like a princess? Then the simple net lehenga design will make you feel regal and elegant. Ensure that you get this design in pastel shades like mint green, light pink, and powder blue to emphasize the feminine features of the outfit. The simple net pattern includes a skirt that has multiple layers, and it’s perfect for women who have petite frames as it adds volume.

Banarasi silk lehenga

There is something about the smooth silk and vibrant color combination that makes a woman look impeccable. A silk lehenga choli looks even more gorgeous when it’s paired with minimal design and embellishments. The pure silk lehenga is perfect for any pre or post-wedding celebrations, and you can get them in any color ranging from delicate cream to rich purples and reds. If you want an ensemble of silk Lehenga Choli with Silk dupatta, they do try the royal Banarasi silk dupatta. It is a blend of royal silk yarn and zari weaving of pure silk and found in different weave patterns from ethnic motifs.

Silk Bandhani Lehenga Choli

Bandhani is one of the favorite fabrics loved by women. When this tie and dye processed Bhedej blends with Silk, magic happens. The comfort of Bandhani cotton and the sheen of pure silk is an awesome combination. The graceful silhouette of the designer pure silk Chaniya choli with the innate luster and smooth texture of silk makes Lehenga a perfect fit for all the differe

Lehenga Saree: If the thought of draping yards of material, and stabbing yourself with pins is making you cringe, then don’t worry the lehenga saree is the outfit for you.

The outfit is a skirt that is attached to a pallu and pleats. This means that you don’t have to go through the whole frustrating process of draping a saree. All you have to do is step into the skirt, hook the pleats around the waist, drape the pallu over your shoulder, and walk into the party looking like a million bucks.

Lehenga dress: Another modern twist on the raw silk lehenga is the lehenga dress. This outfit is a combination of the skirt, top, and dupatta; lending it an elegant look. The fun part about dress lehengas is that you can play around with styles and experiment with it as well.

Crop top lehenga dress

We can’t talk about Indo-western ethnic wear without mentioning the crop top lehenga dress. This silk lehenga doesn’t need a dupatta, and it's super chic and convenient. The top is a few inches longer than a blouse, and you can choose from a variety of sleeve lengths and neckline designs.

Occasions to wear a silk lehenga

A lehenga choli, whether silk or otherwise, has many patterns that suit every body type. It can be worn for many occasions like:

  • Pujas Festive occasions
  • Parties Baby showers
  • Pre/Post wedding celebrations
  • Weddings Engagement parties
  • Official cultural programs

  • Washing/storing instructions/tips for Banarasi silk lehenga

    Ethnic outfits like a saree or lehenga tend to be part of your closet for a long time, so they can be re-invented and re-worn plenty of time. This also means that they have to be washed and stored in a particular way, to maintain their quality for the long term.

    Here’s how you can care for your expensive lehengas: No perfume, sprays, or mothballs. Zari used on borders of dupattas and hemlines of skirts is vulnerable to oxidation. Any embellishments maximize their use- you have to give the garment a couple of uses before putting them for a wash. This also means that you have to mainly give the garments for dry cleaning- If the outfit is heavily embroidered, then do not toss it in the washing machine.

    Give it to a professional cleaner. You must store your lehengas in a dry place and away from direct sunlight. If garments are stored in humid places, they can catch mold and you can always buy quality silk lehenga online, and explore various options to find that perfect fashion statement.

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