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10 reasons why Palazzo Pants are all the rage in 2020

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With the months getting warmer, the summer season is perfect for donning your favorite pair of palazzo pants. Instead of layering fabric that is heavy and stuffy, why not opt for lightweight fabric palazzos? It’s way better than wearing figure-hugging churidars or weighty ghagras. Palazzos are quite versatile because they can be dressed up or dressed down, you can wear them at a Sunday brunch with the girls or dress it up for a wedding occasion.

The style originated in the 60s and has evolved quite a bit since then. Also, the palazzo pants style has been part of the Indian ethnic attire for a long time and is as popular as the ghagra. You can incorporate unique styles with palazzo pants like kurtas or a sassy tank top with dark-colored palazzos that will provide the perfect indo-western fusion.

The palazzo pants style is quite popular because it’s very comfortable and loosely cut, giving you that graceful swirl every time you walk. The loose style is quite conservative and very much like the French-cut flared jeans; the style flares from the hip instead of the waist. However, this is not the only available style, some pants are loose overall and give off a maxi dress vibe.


How to style palazzo pants according to your figure?

You must choose palazzo pants carefully so that it accentuates your silhouette in a flattering and classy way. You need to know your style quite well, which means you need to know if high waist or low waist pants will look good on you, or if flared or straight cut pants look good on you.

Also, if you are tall go for subtle prints as they will emphasize your frame, and if you’re short, go for bold prints that will make you look tall. Avoid wearing tops that are too loose, as they can overwhelm your figure and make it look like you’re drowning in fabric.

Remember to consider the overall look of your outfit palazzo pants style before settling on your pants.

Listed below are top 10 tips to flaunt your palazzo pants outfits this 2020

Long Kurtis go great with palazzo pants

This combination of palazzo pants styling is quite elegant when paired properly. If symmetry is your thing then pairing a long kurta with flared palazzos will reflect your style quite well. You can opt for monochromatic colors to provide an illusion of a slim and toned frame; you can even go for contrasting hues if you want to go for a bold look. It’s recommended that you go for a long A-line Kurti that is long and neat.  A long and neat kurta will emphasize the flare of the palazzos.

Colors and patterns aplenty with palazzo pants styling

Since there are many palazzo pants outfit ideas, especially on online shops like Inddus who are known for their amazing indo-western outfit ideas, you can get easily overwhelmed with the variety of patterns and colors. Whether you live in the USA, UK, or India, women from across the globe are embracing the palazzo pants outfit ideas by incorporating various hues into their outfits. The colors can be subtle pastels, muted tones, or bright rainbow colors. You can even opt for basic black and white, and incorporate some fun patterns. Many retro prints give off a fun 70s vibe, for instance, monochrome Jacquards and delicate psychedelics.

Cute palazzo pants outfits

Palazzo pants have a feminine pattern, which makes it perfect for cute casual looks. You can go for loose pants and style them with a frilled cross over top. If you find a pant with polka dots that can be teamed with cute tank tops and layered with lightweight shrugs, then they will make for cute street style outfits as well. You can even go for beautiful pastel shades like pinks and match them with pinstriped tops for the ultimate elegant look that’s perfect for the summer.

Sophisticated palazzo fashion

Palazzos are not just great casual wear, but when the right style is picked and paired with appropriate tops, they make for sophisticated formal wear as well. When paired with high heels, the right palazzo pant will exude elegance and sophistication. However, you have to remember not to overdo it with this combination, and follow the “the less is more” policy. You need to understand the look and go for monochromatic palettes. Go for plain black, straight cut, palazzos that can be worn with flowing tunics and ornate belts that will surely grab attention. Monochrome print palazzos and black ruffled tops (that have ruffled embellished sleeves), or go for tailored cream palazzos that go great with bold striped chevron tops.

Casual palazzo pants Indian style

The reason Indian women are crazy about palazzo fashion is that it’s perfect for warm tropical weather, and it’s the perfect choice for a casual look. If you want to go for a fuss-free look, then pair plain palazzos with a top that has a contrasting color. If you want to emphasize the flare of the palazzos, then you can go for a stretch top like a classic tee, spaghetti top, or crop tops. For a bohemian and feminine look, you can always go palazzos that have a floral print and pair it with a frilly top in a solid color. You can always go for a basic white kurta and pair it with a palazzo that has bold colors for a summery vibe.

Vintage palazzo pants trends

Are palazzo pants still in style? Yes, they most definitely are! Even though the style originated in the 60s, they are quite trendy in 2020. The retro/vintage vibe will make your palazzo outfit stand out. Go for classic vintage prints like striking monochrome, diagonals, or Jacquards. Take it to another level with kaleidoscopic designs and ethnic mandalas. When these palazzos are paired with plain colored tops they have the best impact.

Flowy comfortable fabric

Many times, the options for palazzos can be quite overwhelming, especially with the amount of fabric and patterns that are available in the market. However, you must keep the fabric in mind when shopping for palazzo pants outfits. If you want something loose and flowy then go fabric like crepe and georgette. If you have a petite frame then go for cotton flared palazzos.

Choosing the right print

If you want printed fabrics, then go for floral prints. In order to avoid looking broad or hefty, keep away from horizontal prints.

Select the right waist cut for you

Choosing the right waist cut is important, especially if you want to emphasize your figure. You can go with high-waist palazzo pants with crop tops or short kurtas are great outfit ideas.

Palazzos suit all body types

There is a prominent myth that palazzos don’t suit short and stout women, and this needs to be busted. Palazzo pants outfit ideas are quite versatile and there are no hard rules that one has to follow, you can try out different styles and see which ones suit your body the best. When it comes to petite women, you have to remember that the hemline should end at your ankles and you have to wear a pant that has minimal flare.

How to accessorize your palazzos with the right shoes?

There are many ways you can accessorize palazzo fashion, but when it comes to shoes, the right pair can elevate your style to the next level. You may think it’s pointless choosing the right shoes because it will be hidden under the flare of the palazzos, but it’s quite important to choose the right footwear even if it just provides your guests a glimpse of your shoes. If it’s for a celebratory event or a formal occasion, you can pair your sophisticated palazzo pants with classy and elegant heels. Heels are a great way to accentuate the length of your legs. For the spring-summer months, you can go for strappy sandals, and for formal occasions, you can go for mid-height heels that are comfortable and stylish. However, if you aren’t comfortable with heels, you can always go for flats. Espadrilles and sneakers can give off a street style and casual chic look when paired with the right palazzo outfit.

So there you have it, the top reasons you should invest in comfortable palazzo pants outfits this spring/summer. Once you know how to style palazzo pants, the options and varieties are quite endless. There is so much you can do with this versatile garment. As the temperatures begin to rise, ditch those denim pants and go for something fun, comfortable, and chic. Play around with the style and figure out what’s the best look for you. You can always browse through online stores like Inddus that have plenty of chic options. They offer quality products at an affordable price, and you can diversify your wardrobe with the stylish pieces as well.

Step into the virtual world of Inddus and start shopping for your dream set of Palazzos today!

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