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Ladies from different walks of life whether they are entrepreneurs, doctors, engineers, or journalists, are always spotted in an ethnic outfit like a saree. The sarees always provides a unique identity to the Indian women. You can wear this specific attire in different patterns. People who love cotton can go for cotton sarees online shopping. The fabrics that are available in cotton are Banarasi Cotton, Banarasi, Cotton Blend, Cotton Silk, and several others. Also, you can select your favorite color while shopping online.

Online shopping simply means you will receive the ordered items at home. Also, you will not have to pay additional charges while buying the item. The most important thing is that you can complete your purchasing process successfully without facing any location issues. It doesn’t matter in which part of the world you are now, you can experience a seamless shopping experience.

Pure Cotton Sarees - The Ultimate Element of Elegance

Indian saree is a 9-yard drape that has been explored and experimented with since time immemorial. Women from different states in India wear this beautiful cloth differently. They love to drape all kinds of patterns of plain, simple, and colorful sarees in their daily routine and as jazzy stylish heavily decorated outfits but when it comes to pure cotton sarees, Indian women just can’t live without one. Cotton sarees have an appeal of simplicity and elegance, which makes everybody fall in love with it.

India is famous for its traditional handlooms. The loom is a device used to make cloth by interweaving the raw material like cotton or silk. Fabrics manually made on looms are known as handlooms, which are the soul of Indian ethnicity. The soft cotton fabric is widely preferred natural material because of its smooth texture and sheer. The cloth is airy, light, and very comfortable to wear and makes it an ultimate choice for every Indian woman.

The Delightful Variety of Soft Cotton Sarees

Pure cotton sarees are the most popular and sought after materials in India for two reasons - It's availability as fabric material and it is an excellent fabric to work with. This has made Cotton the ultimate choice of daily wear and designer wear. If you're in love with sarees and want to upgrade your current wardrobe, then you're in the right place.

Here are a few latest cotton sarees which is a must-have in your ethnic wardrobe -

Kanjeevaram Cotton Sarees

Kanjeevaram or Kanchipuram cotton saree is known as the 'queen of sarees'. The soft handloom cotton sarees of Kanjeevaram is traditionally woven in a small town of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. They have two major varieties - Cotton and Silk. Having check patterns, attractive color combinations, appealing motifs, elegant borders, and pallus, a Kanjeevaram cotton saree is very comfortable and appealing, especially preferred during the summers.

Tant Saree

The traditional style of West Bengal, tant saree is typically known for its starch infused crispness. Woven in cotton threads, these sarees are light in weight and are the preferred daily wear outfit of many in Bengal. Other than Tant, West Bengal is also famous for its Garad silk, Dhakai Jamdani, Baluchari sarees, Kantha stitch, Fulia cotton sarees, and Shantipur cotton sarees.

Gadwal Saree

Gadwal, a small town in Telangana, is renowned for its fine pure cotton handlooms. Gadwal is a unique blend of Cotton and silk. The body of the saree is woven in pure cotton threads while the border and pallu are made of silk. Gadwal sarees is one of many beautiful cotton sarees of India which has a lustrous body and own unique beauty and identity for the different weave designs on the borders and pallu. There is a wide-ranging array of Gadwal Handloom cotton sarees on display to buy online at Inddus.

Kerala Kasavu Saree

Kasavu is a handwoven saree worn by Malayalee women. It is usually an off-white cream colored saree with a golden border. Even though it is born in Kerala, it’s loved by all women across the globe. It is a handloom designed material that enhances the glamor and beauty of a lady with its intrinsic borders soaked in the color of pure gold. This beautiful cotton saree is widely worn in Kerala during the festivity of 'Onam'.

Sambalpuri Cotton Saree

Sambalpuri Saree in its cotton and silk versions is a captivating fabric from the tribal belt of Odisha. Silk has a sheen and Sambalpuri work on silk is one of a kind art. The need for a fabric similar to silk, which will have a luster, smoothness, strength, yet a soft feel is the genesis of Ikat work on cotton saree.

Choose from the other wide ranges of Bomkai sarees, Paithani cotton sarees, Bandhani cotton, Banarasi, Pochampally, Chanderi, and many more. Buy the latest cotton sarees online from anywhere in the world including the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada.

Maintaining your cotton saree

You can never go wrong by purchasing cotton sarees online, it’s a classic choice for anyone obsessed with sarees; another plus point is that it never goes out of style!

However, no matter how many styles of cotton sarees you want to try, you need to know how to maintain them. This will help increase their longevity and keep them as good as new. When purchasing cotton sarees online in India, you need to know that they are prone to get creases because the fabric is delicate and soft. Hence, the sarees require proper care to increase the life of the saree. Here are some care tips you can implement, once you purchase exclusive cotton sarees online.

Washing cotton sarees:

Once you buy your cotton saree online shop, taking care of them is the next step. The basics include knowing how to wash them, here are a few points you need to keep in mind while washing your cotton saree.

  • Use a mild detergent on handlooms
  • Wash them separately because the color may run after the first few washes
  • Soak the saree in warm water, with two to three spoons of salt, for 15 minutes. This helps lock in color and it won’t fade away in the future
  • To enhance the softness of the fabric, soak the fabric along with washnuts.
  • Drying your cotton sarees:

    Once you purchase the cotton sarees online and have finished washing it, the next step is to dry it in the right manner.

  • Do not dry your sarees directly in the sunlight, this can cause the color to fade away
  • Dry them in the shade, reverse the garment as it can protect the color from the heat
  • If you want natural stiffness then hang it straight down without any folds
  • Storage: Once you have selected the cotton sarees online in India, washed, and dried it, it’s time for storage. Avoid dumping them in a stack because this will only increase the creases and ruin the weave. It can also cause wear and tear in the fabric. You can hang them in your wardrobe or store them in saree pouches which are easily available online.

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    The variety and range of cotton handlooms at Inddus are vast. Inddus is a one-stop-shop for your cotton saree online shopping as we have an extensive variety of -

  • South cotton from Mysore, Uppada, Mangalagiri, Madurai, Kerala, Gadwal, Rasipuram, Chettinad, Kanjeevaram, Dharmavaram, Narayanpet, and Venkatagiri;
  • Handloom cotton from the Northern belt of India - Banaras, Chanderi, Lucknow, and Kota;
  • The Rajasthani and Jaipuri cotton sarees from the western region, and
  • The Eastern and North Eastern varieties of Bengal, Odisha, Nagaland, Assam, and Meghalaya like Sambalpuri and Bomkai cotton.

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