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As part of the Indian community in the West, you would agree that being invited to an Indian friend's or colleague's wedding has become somewhat of a common occurrence.  This also means finding the right Indo-western lehenga choli, with the perfect blend of ethnic and modern designs,adorned in intricate embroidery, and rich vibrant colors.

The lehenga is a three-piece outfit that includes a long skirt, secured at the waist so that the midriff is left bare. 

The lehenga choli is a fitted blouse that is embroidered, and it’s paired with a dupatta that is used to cover the midriff and head (depending on how you wish to drape it).

History of the lehenga choli:

The lehenga choli became famous when women in North India started wearing them on grand occasions like weddings and significant festivals, during the 10th century. A good lehenga would involve amazing craftsmanship, this was because of the arrival of Mughals from the 12th to 18th century. Before the 10th century, the lehengas were pretty simple, and they were made from cotton. It was after the 18th century that royal fabrics, like silk, and embroidery were used. It was these elements that made the lehenga so alluring, and why it has evolved into modern styles like the western lehenga choli.

Popular Indo-western lehengas styles

Modern-day lehengas are a fusion of east and west, whether you want to don an Indo-western chaniya choli or Indo-western ghagra choli, there are many fabrics, styles, and pleat techniques to choose from. You can go for full skirts that have yards of fabrics and pleats, or you can go for something simple like an A-line fit which is usually made out of velvet and heavy brocade.

Other popular skirt styles include the mermaid-cut, which is fitted at the hips and flares out around the knees. If you want to go for something comfortable and allows for a wide motion range then go for a gharara or a sharara, these pant-styles are comfortable and unique. The gharara is divided into two sections and its fit is similar to a mermaid-cut. The sharara is a traditional lehenga style that includes flared pants with wide hemlines that look quite similar to a skirt.

Another popular piece that you can look for is a wraparound skirt or a layered skirt, which will pair well with a fitted blouse.

Speaking of fitted lehenga cholis, while they do stop at the midriff, showing excessive amounts of cleavage is looked down upon at Indian weddings so there are many interesting styles and silhouettes you can play around with.

In the end, the type or style of Indo western lehenga for women depends on the preferences of the buyer. For example, if you have to dress up for a glamorous wedding then a georgette or net layered lehenga choli would be great; if you have to attend a low key celebration then a simple cotton lehenga choli is perfect. Most women tend to choose their perfect Indo western lehenga online and then have it altered to fit them perfectly. Either way, you must choose a material that suits your body type as well as look appropriate for any festive occasion.

To accentuate the beauty of your Indo western lehenga, you can pair it with the right jewelry and footwear. For example, if you want to wear a silk Indo western lehenga then high heeled sandals and gold necklaces will look gorgeous; if you want to don a cotton lehenga, then go for colorful jewelry (preferably handcrafted) or antique silver pieces can add a wonderful ethnic charm to your Indo fusion outfit.

Some of the popular lehenga blouse styles are a mix of the following silhouettes

  • Neckline- Boat-neck, V-neck, Chinese collar, and sweetheart neckline
  • Sleeves- Long sleeves, sleeveless, short sleeves, three fourth sleeves that go down till the elbows
  • Back- Plunging, crisscross, or strings that are made of tassels and beads
  • Length- You can choose from blouses that expose the midriff, or go for ones that are long and reach the waist where the skirt is tied.

  • Another popular Indo-western lehenga choli trend is using a tunic as a blouse, you can go for tunics that are long and reach below the hips.

    The third element of the lehenga that ties the outfit together is the dupatta, and there are many ways to wear this fashionable stole to add finishing touches to your look. Usually, the dupatta is made out of fabric like chiffon or mesh. You can wrap it around your shoulders, across the back or front. You can even drape the stole by tucking one end into the waist and wrapping it so that it falls off one shoulder.

    What materials are commonly used in western lehenga cholis?

    You can choose the material to make your lehenga depending on the weather. In summers, you can opt for lehengas that are made out of cotton and are well- embellished. Cotton skirts are heavily embroidered around the hem, and this keeps the skirt in place. In winters, you can go for lehengas that incorporate fabulous brocades, various silks and velvets.

    The type of lehenga material you choose should be comfortable and easy to wear as well. Since different types of fabrics are suited for various climates, you must pick an Indo western lehenga that provides maximum comfort.

    There are many types of Indo western lehenga online, and you can choose the material that is perfect for you. Gone are the days when lehenga cholis would be created out of silk or cotton, now they are available in a variety of fabrics. There are fancy versions that have bright shades, elegant embroidery, mirror work, and simple motifs. These fancy Indo western lehenga for women are perfect for weddings and festive occasions.

    Most Indian women love a good silk lehenga, and it’s available in different varieties. You can choose lehengas that include richly woven brocades or delicate Jamawar weaves or you can go for rough Tussar silk or lightweight Katan silk, there are endless choices to choose from. A silk Indo western lehenga has a smooth and soft feel to it, when combined with the shimmering aesthetic it creates an attractive aura. Soon-to-be brides love investing in silk lehengas that are heavily embroidered; lightweight silk lehengas that have minimal work and glittering gold borders are popular as party wear, as well.

    Another extremely popular fabric that you can look for during Indo-western lehenga online shopping is Georgette. This material is versatile and beautiful because it’s light, almost translucent, and has a coarse feel. Georgette is great because it holds its structure and can be used to create a gorgeous, body-hugging lehenga. You can also use a combination of georgette and any other luxury material like velvet, net, tissue, and brocade to create multiple stunning layers for your Indo western lehenga.

    Occasions to wear a lehenga

    Special occasions like weddings, parties, and festival celebrations are usually why Indian women in the US, UK and other countries opt to wear an Indo western lehenga. 


    It's recommended that you practice sustainable fashion and use your Indo western lehenga all year long. This is why you have to invest in quality clothing that will last you a lifetime. You should get your lehenga cholis dry cleaned because of the material and embellishments. Once washed and dried, they have to be stored in a dry place, wrapped in plastic or clean white cloth to prevent the embroidery from getting tarnished. This is the only way your lehenga will be as good as new, for a long time.

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